Mission Statement

4elements Theatre Company is committed to social inclusion through the arts.

We are passionate about social change and working with participatory methodologies including Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed, 4elements will provide services at a local level to marginalized groups through workshops and training for arts facilitators working within the community, and create new socially engaged performances with community participants.

Our aim is to increase awareness of social exclusion and the benefits of arts facilitation for social inclusion.

We will provide:

  • Theatre of the Oppressed workshops for facilitators
  • Issue based workshops for youth and community groups
  • Workshops for schools addressing issues of social exclusion
  • A network for community and youth organisations interested in working through the creative arts
  • A forum where partnerships between communities and professional arts organisations may be formed

Our purpose is to allow people, through the arts, to participate fully in their communities.

Our goals are:

  • The creation of new socially engaged performance work
  • Increasing awareness around social issues
  • To have fun in the process of becoming more aware
  • Improving self awareness with participants
  • Creating a broader skill base within communities
  • To have a network of arts facilitators that are continually improving their skills

The arts address what is uniquely individual and human in each of us. Our perceptions and reactions are our own as nothing else can be. Through the arts people can realise their potential to contribute and participate in their communities, both geographical communities and communities of interest.

We provide a creative approach that will allow participants to utilize their own skills to address issues in their community.

We offer workshops in Theatre of the Oppressed for facilitators and provide a forum for arts, community, and youth workers to discuss their practice.

As an organisation we are compliant with all government Heath and Safety and Child Protection legislation.

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