4elements welcomes Production Designer Naomi Faughnan to the Daughters of the Revolution team

4elements are proud to announce Naomi Faughnan has joined the team as Production Designer for Daughters of the Revolution.

Naomi has worked previously as Production Designer for The Bells Of, by Barry McEvoy, in the Theatre Upstairs, Dublin 2015.

Her recent work also includes Costume Design for East of Berlin, by Hanna Moscovitch, currently on in the Project Arts Centre, Dublin.

We are delighted to have Naomi on board!

Support Daughters of the Revolution

Support Daughters of the Revolution 

4elements needs your contributions and support to bring Daughters of the Revolution to life with sets, costumes, and kick-ass technicians that are fairly paid, and resources to put the show on. We also need your help to turn the post-show discussions into a pod-cast on SoundCloud to bring The Revolution to the world.

4elements have applied for arts funding from Dublin City Council, if awarded the grant will cover most of the costs for paying our actors fairly.

Your contribution will go directly to the production of the event:

  • Sound and Lighting technicians: €600
  • Recording and Editing Daughters of the Revolution podcast for SoundCloud: €500
  • Venue Hire: €500
  • Insurance: €300
  • Visual Art Installation: €300
  • Set and Costumes: €300

Go to https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/daughters-of-the-revolution

Daughters of the Revolution in the Harbour Playhouse March 4th-6th

Everyone knows that Ireland is the best little country to give birth in…or is it?

Daughters of the Revolution is a satirical and irreverent play, examining exactly what women have to go through to get from pregnancy to birth.

And once you go down the rabbit-hole of the maternity services…who knows what could happen.

Join us at the Harbour Playhouse March 4th to 6th 2016, as we follow our heroine Evelyn Murphy on her epic journey through maternity, as she bravely contends with consultants, her mother, her partner, and the attentions of well-meaning friends.

Evelyn’s story creates a picture of contemporary Ireland in a time of rising birth-rates, uncertain economic prospects, and a health service in crisis. In a year of celebrating uprisings, and renewed debate around the treatment of women in the Irish Constitution, Daughters of the Revolution asks: how free are women in Ireland when it comes to maternity?

Daughters of the Revolution takes a sardonic look at how women have to perform to meet the complex demands of society.

Launch of Picking Up the Threads: Remaking the Fabric of Care

Picking Up the Threads: Remaking the Fabric of Care Women’s Deaths Remembered

Launches on November 25th, 2015 in St Lawrence’s Chapel, Grangegorman at 6pm.

Kate Harris, Director of 4elements, has worked closely with Dr Murphy-Lawless and the Elephant Collective on organising launch of Picking Up the Threads: Remaking the Fabric of Care, a multi-media exhibition centred on a hand-knitted quilt.

The exhibition commemorates the lives of the women who have died in our maternity services. In recent years, eight women had inquests, all of which ended in verdicts of death by medical misadventure.

The exhibit is being held to honour the lives of these women. We also aim to call attention to the need for a change in the law so that there is an automatic inquest for every woman who dies in our maternity services.

Over 150 women, many of them midwives and midwifery students, from Donegal to Clare to Kilkenny to Wexford, and from England, Scotland and Australia, have knitted pieces for the quilt.

A reading of Daughters of the Revolution will be performed at the launch by DIT drama students directed by Mary Moynihan, Artistic Director of Smashing Times Theatre Company.

For more information and to join the event on Facebook see Picking Up the Threads

Daughters of the Revolution Exhibition in Edinburgh

Coral Mallow, 4elements Artist in Residence August 2015, launches her exhibition in The Tent Gallery, Edinburgh in January 2016.
This exhibition is the visual arts stand of the Daughters of the Revolution project, and examines through visual mediums women’s experience of maternity and raises questions about women’s agency and bodily autonomy in the health service.

4elements Director, Kate Harris, will perform a reading of the play Daughters of the Revolution at the launch.

Coral Mallow on Daughters of the Revolution

Residency with the 4elements Theatre Company!

My current collaboration is with Kate Harris of 4elements Theatre Company in Dublin, Ireland. The project is called Daughters of the Revolution and focuses on questions of body autonomy, social acceptance, and other issues in today’s modern institutionalized maternity culture.

While the play being created focuses on the Irish experience, I believe that the messages presented and the questions being asked have a worldwide audience. 

In this I am creating a body of multimedia two-dimensional works to compliment the research and the resulting play to create a multi-day experience and conversation around the questions presented. 

This month long residency will allow me the space and time to focus and create the works in the place where they will be showcased. It also allows me access to some of the participants and other collaborators involved for fine tuning ideas from the research.

At the end of the residency we will see some of the fully realized works, have them professionally documented and stored,  and have the plans for the creation of the rest (some of the works will be created with printmaking techniques and will be printed upon my return to Edinburgh) ready to be made.

Help 4elements make Daughters of the Revolution



4elements Theatre Company, in collaboration with AIMS Ireland, is creating a play that will voice women’s experience of maternity in Ireland- but we need your help.

Every birth is a story that only you can tell.

Daughters of the Revolution is a series of drama workshops exploring women’s experience of maternity in Ireland and we are inviting women to come and share their stories.

The workshops are drama based and will use theatre games and exercises to have fun while building confidence and sharing experiences.

Beyond being a mother-no previous drama experience required.


To participate you must be over 18, and have dealt with maternity services in Ireland in the last 5 years. For more information or to book your place email info@4elements.ie.

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