Coral Mallow on Daughters of the Revolution

Residency with the 4elements Theatre Company!

My current collaboration is with Kate Harris of 4elements Theatre Company in Dublin, Ireland. The project is called Daughters of the Revolution and focuses on questions of body autonomy, social acceptance, and other issues in today’s modern institutionalized maternity culture.

While the play being created focuses on the Irish experience, I believe that the messages presented and the questions being asked have a worldwide audience. 

In this I am creating a body of multimedia two-dimensional works to compliment the research and the resulting play to create a multi-day experience and conversation around the questions presented. 

This month long residency will allow me the space and time to focus and create the works in the place where they will be showcased. It also allows me access to some of the participants and other collaborators involved for fine tuning ideas from the research.

At the end of the residency we will see some of the fully realized works, have them professionally documented and stored,  and have the plans for the creation of the rest (some of the works will be created with printmaking techniques and will be printed upon my return to Edinburgh) ready to be made.

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