Daughters of the Revolution in the Harbour Playhouse March 4th-6th

Everyone knows that Ireland is the best little country to give birth in…or is it?

Daughters of the Revolution is a satirical and irreverent play, examining exactly what women have to go through to get from pregnancy to birth.

And once you go down the rabbit-hole of the maternity services…who knows what could happen.

Join us at the Harbour Playhouse March 4th to 6th 2016, as we follow our heroine Evelyn Murphy on her epic journey through maternity, as she bravely contends with consultants, her mother, her partner, and the attentions of well-meaning friends.

Evelyn’s story creates a picture of contemporary Ireland in a time of rising birth-rates, uncertain economic prospects, and a health service in crisis. In a year of celebrating uprisings, and renewed debate around the treatment of women in the Irish Constitution, Daughters of the Revolution asks: how free are women in Ireland when it comes to maternity?

Daughters of the Revolution takes a sardonic look at how women have to perform to meet the complex demands of society.

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