Thank You to our Indiegogo Supporters

4elements are bringing the Revolution to Dublin!

Daughters of the Revolution will be produced in the Harbour Playhouse March 4th-6th 2016

We need your help to make the Revolution Happen:

Please support women theatre makers and artists by contributing or sharing the link to our campaign at

And check out our promotional video by ZT Productions

Thank you to all those who have supported Daughters of the Revolution:

-Chris Brown

-Alison Murphy

-Colman Higgins

-Marcia Harris

-Claire Percy

-Liz Coppola

-Doreen Fitzmaurice

-Katie Gillum

-Dearbhla Quinn

-Wendy Posson

-Kate McCarthy

-Marian O’Sullivan

-Martina Hynan

-Kate Kalin

-Dr Jo Murphy-Lawless

-Bryan O’Regan

-Wicklow Doulas

-Chloe May Corcoran

-Cathy Rodriguez

-Hannah Solley

-Sue Callaghan

-Brenda Donohue

-Alan and Cindy Coppola

-Jenny Mcdonald

-Riccardo Sartori

-Beatrice and Thomas Hughes

-Danny O’Sullivan

-Sindre Bergman

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