Coral Mallow: Artist in Residence

coralbiopic copy

Interstitial mean art that falls in between the genres, that does not fit comfortably into categories. I strive to manifest objects, adornments, and experiences that fall under that genre through jewelry, objects, weavings, woodwork, prints, and art books in a variety of media. I create societal mirrors, portals to new world, and unusual treasure maps.

I come from a long line of teachers, entertainers, raconteurs and storytellers. Naturally my personal work stems from American oral storytelling traditions. It reflects the power of communication of one person to another directly for information or entertainment, truths and lies, and quite frankly, it is almost always a bit of both. The most powerful four words in the world are “Tell me a Story”.

I shine when working with other artists, whether they work in performance, 2-D, 3-D, or time-based art. Multi, Inter, and Trans-discipline collaborations bring out a level of excellence in peers and the subsequent creations are almost always a surprise. Art should have an element of unpredictability to it.

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