Sarah Martin: Research Intern

Sarah Martin fell in love with Theatre of the Oppressed at first sight as a student studying the intersection of art and social justice.

Sarah is a filmmaker, director, journalist (for The Hoya and her podcast), co-host of Resistance Radio (WGTB), and a singer songwriter. She is interested in using many different mediums of art to bridge gaps and create human connections.

Some of Sarah’s previous work includes: Where We Stand (2016) Conceptualized and directed this film that artistically represents the disparity of wealth in the United States and was screened at Media Fest 2016; Vagina Monologues (2016) Directed and adapted this play to reflect the many different feminine experiences; Midnight Cyrano (2016) Directed and adapted this play into a parody; New Shoes (2015) Directed and wrote this piece to address sexual assault in religious communities; The Game (2015) Directed and co-created this piece that reflects on American consumerism’s effect on developing countries.

Sarah is currently working on her BA from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.


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