Yes, the website HAS been redesigned.

The biggest hurdles have just been cleared.

Hello one and all. This is Ben Brown Jr., broadcasting from Beaverton, OR, just west of the city of Portland, which I am certain many of you have heard of. 

And, by the way, it is really nothing like the TV show Portlandia. That's like saying Hollywood is full of movie stars, when honestly, if you walk the streets of tinsel town, it's pretty dismal. 

Stating the obvious here: The Lady Kate has asked for a major redesign to this website. The structure and framework are now completed. Over the next several days, I will be importing much of the website's previous content, a little at a time. I have already uploaded the Blog Posts. Next will come some design things, logos, etc. and most importantly, a major push and focus on Daughters of the Revolution.

One of the major reasons for the re-design was to present a more responsive, mobile-friendly layout. We can't shine and serve you if won't tell us one way or another how these changes are working for you. So don't by shy, because feedback is greatly appreciated.

Love to you all.

Ben Brown Jr.

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